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2022 Bags’ Trend (Timelessly)

2022 Bags’ Trend (Timelessly)

This Harper Bazaar magazine article on 2022 bag’s trend inspired me to write this blog today.


Aurora & Lolo® was born to connect and create possibilities. Let's elaborate on that...


We connect our customers to what talented artisans create and produce. Each piece that they create and produce is loved by our customers. This positive cycle means prosperity to those artisans, and possibilities that additional talented artisans will also thrive doing what they are highly skilled to do.


Our curated handbags add charm and style to any look. They impact our customers on how each of them expresses her identity. In my case, and I believe, in many women's case, the way I dress, the accessories I wear also reflect my mood for the day!


At Aurora & Lolo, curating fashionable and timeless pieces is a celebration of social and environmental sustainability. Our carefully curated purses are the “luxury type” that you will either own them “forever” or will happily pass it on to a friend or relative – no matter what year; no matter what particular trend.


Check out for yourself! Take a look at this Catarina Mina handmade crochet purses; these straw and woven wicker Serpui clutches; and the upcycled seatbelt made handbags from Belo Bags. (To die for, aren't they?!)


If you love them (I’m pretty sure you will 😉), please let us know by commenting below – and, of course,


feel free to PURCHASE YOURS TODAY (4-installment zero interest payments available!) Readers of this blog get 20% off on any style using promo code IKIGAI20 at checkout.


Last, learn more about us here, and our sustainability standards here. Your support as our follower on Instagram or Facebook is greatly appreciated😍



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