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What is an “Impact Business”?

What is an “Impact Business”?

Impact business is a business that has a clear intention to address social and/or environmental issues through its products, services and/or business model.


We are an impact business: Aurora & Lolo was created, and is in business, to support women to raise themselves out of poverty. The aim is for them to do that through their work as artisan seamstresses, fashion designers, fashion business owners and/or as an actor anywhere in the fashion industry production chain. In our initial market research, we realized that the social issues within the fashion industry are very much tied to the environmental issues as well. We couldn’t, and didn’t want to, go separate. Here is why:


On the one hand, garment workers and talented designers need to be compensated fairly, be provided decent work conditions, and opportunities to create possibilities to take themselves to a life of prosperity, with meaning and fulfillment - to find their “Ikigai”.


On the other hand, the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. As we, all people on Earth, get into a gigantic group effort to end climate change and save our planet, fashion businesses need to rethink, and act against established practices that are so harmful to the environment. Excess use of natural resources such as water and energy to make garment fabrics; use of dyeing processes that pollute our waterways - destroying our biodiversity (animals and plants); using polyester and other types of fabrics that are made of plastic microfibers (polluting our waterways every time we wash the garment, being incinerated or thrown in landfills - taking over 200 years to decompose and producing more carbon emissions are just a few examples of how the fashion industry has been contributing to harming our planet.


Therefore, we are an impact business as Aurora & Lolo is in business to not only support women to raise themselves out of poverty, but also to make our part, as citizens, to save the planet and support fashion professionals and businesses to do the same.


Are you wondering about what can Aurora & Lolo do about those issues? And/or what can you, as a world citizen and fashion consumer, that we all are, do about those issues? Please share your thoughts below. Come back next week for our next blog explaining what we are doing (and what "Ikigai" means ;-))


And last, but not least, are you also wondering “what about Aurora & Lolo’s specially curated beautiful, creative and chic handbags, swimwear and clothes, where do they fit in this Impact Business thing? Well, the beautiful, creative and chic handbags, swimwear and clothes we offer to our charming conscious customers are a SUPER PLUS 😉 They are the result of the impact we want to increase - substantially. Join us for this joyful journey! 




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