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Who We Are

Aurora & Lolo is a sustainable fashion e-commerce platform created with love to provide an environmentally conscious and socially responsible buying experience. Each of our carefully selected suppliers has been given a sustainability score based on their fair trade and environmental protection practices, their manufacturing and business processes, and their fabric and material selection and care. Our curated, eco-friendly, and unique handbags originate in Brazil and have been given one or more sustainability seals. Each piece is sure to add charm, and creativity to any look.

Why We Do What We Do

Aurora & Lolo is the product of a loving collaboration between Sarah and her aunt Thays. Sarah started selling clothes she no longer used and sending 100% of the proceeds to a non-profit that helped women in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Sarah shared her experiences with her aunt, which heightened Thays’ curiosity about finding ways to help people pull themselves out of poverty. They both pondered why despite much of the world having the resources to provide abundantly for its citizens, social inequality and poverty continued to exist.

After a series of heartfelt conversations on the matter, the ladies had a thought: how could they combine the elements of innovation and entrepreneurship to expand on the good Sarah was doing with her bazaar? What could they do to empower the world’s most economically and socially compromised people to elevate themselves out of systemic poverty? How could they expand the social impact to a vast environmental impact, considering that fashion is the second most environmental polluting industry in the world?

The Name

The name Aurora & Lolo is a celebration of the essence of two inspiring Brazilian women who Sarah and Thays view as role models. It is an endeavor with intentions to change the world, to empower women to embrace opportunities - or find possibilities to create them - and to always do the right thing.

Our Values Are What Drive Us

Authentic Uniqueness

Our social and environmental conscious customers believe in and celebrate fashion as a way to express their identity. Feeling that same way ourselves, at Aurora & Lolo, our job is to curate unique, stylish, chic, and fun handbags from suppliers committed to sustainability – and with beautiful stories.

Sustainable Growth

The concept of sustainability is broad. At Aurora & Lolo, we embrace it as a way for people to inhabit planet Earth harmoniously, compassionately, and respectfully. We believe in protecting the environment, encouraging economic prosperity, and fostering social equality in all that we do. By keeping these goals at the core of our work, we strive to gift to future generations a planet that was lovingly cared for by the thoughtful inhabitants that came before them.

Perpetual positivity and conscientious collaboration

We believe in the transformative power of cooperation. It creates a cycle of positivity and perpetuation of good practices. When we help each other, a sense of community is fostered which we find to be an immeasurable contribution to the good of the planet. The way we see it, when everyone - from workers to entrepreneurs to customers - works together, we grow together.

"Abundance is not about providing everyone on this planet with a life of luxury – rather it’s about providing all with a life of possibility (...) ultimately, abundance is about creating a world of possibility: a world where everyone’s days are spent dreaming and doing, not scrapping and scraping"

Peter H. Diamandis, in Abundance

 We are connecting and creating new possibilities to make conscious fashion consumption – consumption that is responsible and purpose-driven - the next normal.